German weather service on the flood: “We warned everyone three days in advance!”

Berlin – The flood in West Germany is already a catastrophe of the century. As things stand, over 160 people lost their lives, entire regions in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate resemble a war zone. All the more, after a few days the question arises: Couldn’t we have foreseen that?

In many regions people were surprised by the raging floods, many died in their cellars, in underground garages or even in elevators. With a timely warning, for example with sirens, some of them could have been saved, according to experts.

But it did not exist, this decisive warning to the population. And that, although the German Weather Service (DWD) had expressly pointed out extreme weather!

Meteorologist Andreas Friedrich from the DWD: “This time we did well with our warnings – which is not always the case. But here our computers indicated extreme precipitation well in advance of the event. Our models then prompted us to warn of an extreme storm – three days in advance! This warning was sent to all situation centers and the disaster control of the affected countries “

Obviously, these warnings reached too few people in the days leading up to the disaster. Incomprehensible to the experienced meteorologist and tornado expert. Friedrich: “It rarely happens that the DWD issues such warnings. A couple of times a year we warn of extreme storms. “

In the video above, the expert explains in detail why there was no adequate reaction in this case and what consequences must now be drawn.


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