German car survives “extremely difficult” year

Posted on Jan 13, 2021 at 6:12 PM

Impacts of the pandemic, races to register electric vehicles to meet the CO2 objectives set by Brussels in addition to the natural hyper-competition of the sector … The year 2020 was “extremely difficult” for German car manufacturers, summarized the Volkswagen sales director Christian Dahleim on Wednesday presenting the annual deliveries of the world’s leading car salesman. This is also true for BMW and Daimler-Mercedes, even if the resilience of the high-end segment and a very good last quarter enabled them to limit breakage.

The Volkswagen mammoth delivered 9.3 million vehicles in total in 2020, a decline of 15.2% for the entire group of twelve brands, a decline similar to that of the global market last year. The fall was more marked for its more popular brands, with a drop of more than 25% at Seat and 24% for utilities.

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