Georgia (USA): HE locked his grandma in a freezer until she died

Horror Act in the United States!

Robert Keith Tincher (29) from Georgia is said to have locked his own grandmother in a freezer until she was dead. The handcuffs clicked on Thursday.

The police assume that the crime happened in December – but only now it was discovered. The senior named Doris Cumming (82) is said to have fallen and injured herself in the house they shared in the Armuchee community.

But instead of providing medical care or calling the emergency services, her grandson is said to have dragged the injured man through the house. Tincher saw and heard many of her bones break, according to the indictment.

Then he is said to have wrapped his grandmother in plastic bags and placed them in a large freezer. After his arrest, he said that her spine was fractured.

Investigator Brittany Werner told Waga-TV: “From what we found, he believed she was still breathing and moving when she went into the freezer.”

According to the police, the woman’s body is said to have been lying there for months. Tincher just lived his normal life in the house. It wasn’t until March that he took his grandmother’s body to a warehouse for fear the body might be found on him.

The suspected killer grandson told investigators that after his grandmother’s fall, he did not call 911 because he was wanted. Reason: massive threats against his former wife.

Tincher coldly claimed to police that his grandma was the only family member “who gave him the courtesy and love and attention he needed,” according to investigator Werner.

Now the suspected killer is in jail awaiting trial. He is accused of murder, aggravated assault and concealing the death of another person.

An autopsy should finally clarify the time of death of his grandmother.


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