George Floyd dies of a lack of oxygen: Trial of killer cop Chauvin continues

Continued in the trial of killer cop Derek Chauvin (45).

According to the lung expert Dr. Martin Tobin, George Floyd († 46) died of a lack of oxygen!

The expert explained in the courtroom of the city of Minneapolis (Minnesota): The ex-police officer Chauvin pressed his knee on his victim’s neck almost the entire time, thus cutting off the oxygen supply – in nine and a half minutes more than 90 percent of the time!

Dr. Martin Tobin testifies in the trial against police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is charged with murder and manslaughter following the death of George FloydPhoto: MG / AP

The factors behind the oxygen starvation that ultimately resulted in the death of George Floyd: Policemen lifting the handcuffs, the hard flooring, his lying position, his head turned right and of course the knee on his neck.

The expert rejected medical pre-existing conditions as the reason for the violent death. Tobin: “A healthy person who had experienced what Floyd experienced would have died as a result”.

The killer cop’s defense had argued that Floyd died primarily from an opioid overdose.

The lack of oxygen caused damage to the African American’s brain, said Tobin, who said he watched a video of the 46-year-old’s death “hundreds of times”.

The lack of air then triggered a cardiac arrhythmia that finally “brought his heart to a standstill,” said the expert.

The expert explained to the jury how he recognized the moment Floyd died. “You can see his eyes, he’s conscious, and then you can see that he is no longer,” he said. “This is the moment when life disappears from his body.”

Even after Floyd’s last breath, Chauvin kept pushing him onto the street – another three minutes and two seconds.

Chauvin is on trial in Minnesota, USA, on charges of murder and manslaughter. The 44-year-old faces up to 40 years imprisonment if convicted of the most serious charge, “second degree murder”.

On May 25, 2020, the police officer held Floyd, who had been arrested for an allegedly false 20-dollar bill, on his knee for minutes, although the latter complained several times that he could not breathe. Floyd’s death, captured on a cell phone video, sparked unprecedented protests by the Black Lives Matter movement against racism and police violence in the United States. Chauvin has been released from the police force.


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