Garbage masses: Helpers collect tons of rubbish from the Cologne Rhine

Cologne – Tires, disused signs, even entire garbage cans – helpers of the “Cologne-Rhine Cleanup Command Unit” (KRAKE) fished all of this out of the water on Sunday. In total, the helpers collected an unbelievable 3.74 tons of garbage!

“The floods washed away a lot of rubbish and now the breeding season is officially starting. So today is the last chance to collect all that stuff. In the last few weeks we have been here again and again with individual households, but the problem is simply far too big and no one else is taking care of it, ”explains Christian Stock, chairman of the association.

Before the campaign, volunteers were able to take a ticket in order to collect in a Corona-compliant manner at a specific time and at a time. The floodplains in Stammheim, right next to a nature reserve, were also divided into different sectors.

The AWB picked up the garbage with a press truck

Photo: Patric Fouad

“We are very happy about the cooperation in Cologne. So we can clean the nature reserve with 108 claw blades, and still all collect for themselves at most in pairs and hundreds of meters apart, ”said co-organizer Jan Odenthal.

On Monday, the Cologne waste and commercial enterprises picked up the masses of garbage and squeezed them into small pieces. KRAKE is very happy about the campaign: “The Stammheim bird world can now start building their nests in peace and in a plastic-free environment.”


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