Gabby Petito case: Fiancé Brian Laundrie shot himself, according to the autopsy report

It is one of the most spectacular murders in recent years: the American Gabby Petito († 22) was killed on a road trip. Her former fiancé Brian Laundrie († 23) is under urgent suspicion.

A final autopsy report now shows: The fiancé found dead in October died by suicide. Brian Laundrie’s parents were informed on Tuesday, according to their attorney, that the cause of death was “a gunshot wound in the head.” “The mode of death was suicide,” the family lawyer told the family.

Laundrie’s remains were discovered in mid-October in a nature reserve in the US state of Florida not far from home. The police had been feverishly looking for the 23-year-old for weeks. Because of the death of his fiancée Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito, he was listed by the police as a “person of interest” and was therefore not officially a suspect.

The Petito case had kept the United States in suspense for weeks and also attracted international media interest. The 22-year-old and her fiancé left for a month-long trip across the United States in July.

Petito disappeared during the road trip. After an intensive search, her body was discovered in the Grand Teton National Park in the state of Wyoming in the western United States in mid-September. She was strangled, according to forensic medicine.

Laundrie had initially returned alone from the trip to Florida in early September, where he lived with Petito. When Petito’s parents reported their daughter missing, the 23-year-old initially refused to testify and eventually disappeared. To this day it is unclear what exactly happened during the trip.

What is clear, however, is that the couple had an argument: in one incident in the state of Utah in August, the police were even called. Petito can be seen crying on a police officer’s body camera saying that she hit her fiancé in an argument and that he grabbed her.

Petito’s death caused so much attention because the couple shared their experiences during the adventure originally planned for four months on the online services Instagram and Youtube. The photos showed a smiling couple and impressive landscapes.

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