Full commitment in the flood area – here reports BILD child reporter Mylo (9)

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Rhineland-Palatinate) – Thousands of reporters from all over the world have already reported from the flood area on the Ahr in Rhineland-Palatinate.

BILD has even opened an office to give victims a voice. Now the first children’s reporter has started work. His name: Mylo Knappert (9). His mission: to report on the worries of the children.

Mylo met children where their playground used to be Photo: Thomas Frey

Fourth grader Mylo applied to BILD: “I miss my friends and want everything to be normal again.”

His first story: Now the children speak without a playground!

Mother Julia Bleffert (38) brought her children Zoe (8), Leonas (7) and Ava (3) to the interview. Zoe told the children’s reporter sadly: “It’s all gone, and neither the playground nor the tennis facility should be rebuilt.” Leonas: “We have to get up earlier now because the way to school takes 30 minutes longer. We think sitting in the bus for a long time is stupid. “

Mylo asked contractor Michael Rödder (53) for help. He promises: “We only need the playground equipment, we do the rest.”

This is Mylo’s wish list for Christmas

▶ ︎ New playgrounds in the Ahr valley

▶ ︎ I want to go back to my old school as soon as possible

▶ ︎ That I choose the right school for the 5th grade

▶ ︎ Safe and clean roads and no more dirt

▶ ︎ That the insurance company pays the money quickly and the houses are renovated so that my friends can live here again

▶ ︎ A big fair so that everyone can be happy again!

▶ ︎ Extra vacation for all flood children and their families, because the summer holidays were affected by the flood

▶ ︎ I miss my favorite hiking and cycling path in the Langdfig valley, it urgently needs to be cleared

▶ ︎ A GoPro for action videos

▶ ︎ The action game GraviTrax with 185 parts

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