Fulda: Because of violent crimes: Several SEK deployments in East Hesse

From: Tobias Bayer and Christian P. Stadtfeld

Fulda – Police columns rolled noiselessly through the empty streets of Fulda in the dark hours of the morning.

Arrived in the Fulda-Neuenberg district: access! Forces of the special task force in Kassel rammed the front door of an inconspicuous residential building with a gun at around 6 a.m., secured the rooms.

A neighbor to BILD: “They woke me up. It made two loud bangs. ”Police officers then searched the buildings, grounds and caravans in hopes of finding evidence.

At the same time, further SEK missions took place in Vogelsberg and the district of Fulda. In response to a request from BILD, the East Hesse police headquarters confirmed several missions due to an ongoing investigation in connection with violent crimes.

SEC officials in Ostehessen in the morning

Photo: Christian P. Stadtfeld / Osthessen-News

Press spokesman Dominik Möller (36): “In order not to jeopardize the success of the investigation, we cannot give any details at the moment.”

Police on a large scale Man and woman shot in Wiesbaden

Teaser picture

Source: BILD / KeutzTV



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