Frustration and boredom? Police are registering more illegal car races

Munich – Out of frustration and boredom?

There were significantly more illegal car races in Bavaria in 2020 than in the previous year. A spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior announced that 466 cases related to the races had been determined by mid-December. In 2019 there were 311 cases.

The police have a theory to explain the increase: “In the pandemic year 2020, familiar and popular leisure activities for young people were impossible or at least made more difficult,” said a spokeswoman for the Upper Bavaria North police.

Parking lot meetings were legal opportunities to get together for the predominantly 18 to 25 year old participants. In addition, they have increasingly discovered “experience-oriented activities” on the subject of cars.

Highly motorized vehicles are popular with young people and can now be easily rented or leased. Accordingly, the fast cars are extensively tried out. According to the spokeswoman, the drivers often come from the tuning scene, which is increasingly present in social media.

There were not significantly more injuries in 2020 despite the increase in investigations against speeders. According to the Interior Ministry, 14 people were injured in the Free State by mid-December, and 10 in 2019, there were no deaths in both years.

Participation in illegal car races has been a criminal offense in Germany since 2017. This also includes so-called individual races, in which reckless drivers want to reach the highest possible speeds. The Bavarian police have since intensified the relevant controls.


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