From Wednesday applies in Berlin! Test first, then shop

Berlin – Testing, testing, testing will be a new requirement in Berlin from Wednesday for visiting the hairdresser, while shopping, in the museum. Berlin is the only federal state to oblige the capital’s employers to offer every employee two test options per week.

Despite the increasing number of infections, Berlin is not stepping on the emergency brake, is not taking back all easing. Instead, previous easing will be secured even better.

The combination of appointment plus quick test while shopping flopped in Potsdam at the weekend. “It was a dance of death,” said Nils Busch-Petersen from the trade association. Berlin is going a different way: You no longer have to book a time slot. However, a new requirement when buying clothes etc. is a negative test. In addition, the Luca app is to be introduced for digital contact tracking. And of course there are still upper limits for the number of customers per square meter.

Department stores and malls are to set up test stations, but there are already 192 free test options with free capacities throughout the city – every Berliner is entitled to a free test there per week. Of course, you can still go to the bakery or supermarket without a test – but no longer for body-friendly services such as hair cutting, cosmetics, and tattooing.

► Masks, masks, masks are also part of the extended strategy. FFP2 masks should be worn in all indoor areas (doctor’s offices, public transport, culture, etc.) – if possible also at home, if visitors come from another household (max. 5 people).

► Home office, home office, home office. Half of all VDU workstations must remain empty. “We cannot always restrict ourselves in the private sector and in schools. The most dangerous areas are the interiors, where you stay longer unprotected, ”said the governing Michael Müller (56, SPD) at a press conference in the evening. In January the Senate only appealed to employers and sent inspectors out – but the attendance of office employees only fell from 70 to 67 percent.

The special session of the Senate lasted a good five hours, at which the so-called emergency brake due to the increasing number of infections (three days incidence over 100, yesterday 138.6) lasted. “We didn’t want the yo-yo effect open-close-open-close again,” said Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop (Greens)

Further relaxation (e.g. opening of outdoor catering) will not be implemented for the time being, model projects with theater and opera performances will be canceled and postponed.


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