From relegated to goalscorer – Obermair flourishes at 1. FC Magdeburg

He came from relegated Jena and is offensively currently life insurance at FCM. Raphael Obermair (24) is one of the few bright spots of the season so far.

Three goals and two assists are on the account after ten games – the winger player was directly involved in exactly half of all FCM goals.

That is surprising. Obermair himself: “I know my strengths, but I don’t really remember myself as having such a strong finish. But it is all the nicer that it is currently working so well. “

One reason for his run, the German-Filipino from Chiemsee has also made himself really comfortable in Magdeburg privately. Friend Alessia and his two dogs Paco and Sheila came along to the Elbe.

Obermair: “That does play a role. If I didn’t feel good, I wouldn’t be able to do these things either. The overall package just fits for me here. “

And Obermair suits the trainer too. Only Korbinian Burger and Morten Behrens have had more time this season so far. Obermair: “It shows that I can do what the coach demands of me. I can also feel in the one-on-one discussions that the trainer values ​​me. That of course strengthens self-confidence. “

The FCM striker came to Magdeburg from Jena in the summer. His contract runs until June 2022Photo: picture alliance / photo booth

A strong Obermair will also be important on Sunday in the difficult guest appearance in Ingolstadt. As a favorite, the FCM does not travel to aspiring promotion.

Obermair: “But we have also seen that we can hurt any opponent when we reach our limits.”


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