From Canal + to Zemmour … How Vincent Bolloré is building an ultraconservative media empire

The video has just been unearthed on Twitter. On May 10, 2019, the president of the Lagardère group, addressing small shareholders, made this incident: “To our friends in the media who like to make their cabbage fat: we will not sell Europe 1!” “ In the editorial staff also, Arnaud Lagardère swore that, by “Fidelity to“ Jean-Luc ””, his father, who died in 2003, he would never separate from the station. But the protection of “Jean-Luc” is no longer one.

Rumors of a sale come and go, and this Chinese ordeal has been going on since the spring of 2020. Will it end a little after the presentation of the group’s financial results, this Thursday, February 25? By the time of the general meeting in early May? Europe 1 finds itself at the center of negotiations between Bernard Arnault, world leader in luxury goods, and Vincent Bolloré, Vivendi’s main shareholder, two large sharks that have entered the capital of Lagardère, officially to help the heir, of course. The first is close to Emmanuel Macron, the second to Nicolas Sarkozy. The trade battle hides a much larger stake, political this one, one year before the presidential election.

Lagardère, battlefield between Arnault and Bolloré

A slow-burning fuse has been lit. By marrying CNews to a radio station (Europe 1 has its preference but RTL is another possible prey), in more and more pronounced companionship with journalists from “Current values”, columnists or guests, not to mention the free daily “CNews”, “Vincent Bolloré built

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