Friendship at the reunification station on the way home to celebrate Tet

While tourists take advantage of the break to have the energy to drive home, the staff and the owners of the stops are busy providing meals or checking cars for free.

At 9 pm on December 22, Ms. Mai Thi Que, manager of Long Thanh 2 bus stop (Ba Ria – Vung Tau province) is still busy helping people stop by. As soon as she asked the mechanic to pump a tire for this person, she turned to remind the staff to bring a hot meal for the other person. “This year is a very difficult year for people, especially those who are far from home. When Bia Viet organized the program of the Youth Union Station to support people returning home, I am ready to contribute my best to reduce the burden on the people. when traveling by motorbike on the way home,” said Ms. Que.

Every day, Long Thanh 2 Union Station welcomes hundreds of visitors, with many different circumstances. These are the young people with wet feet going to Ho Chi Minh City to start a business, the families with small children who still have to carry them in their arms, or the middle-aged brothers and sisters who go to the city to earn money to send back to their hometown. After a precarious year due to the epidemic, they looked forward to every minute of their return. On the motorbike, they accepted the rain to go home.

Mai Thi Que is instructing people to use free meal vouchers. Photo: Hoang Liem

Mr. Khiem, a worker at Tan Binh Industrial Park (HCMC) and his wife have not been home for 8 months, even though his hometown is in Dong Nai. Now the couple decided to ride a motorbike with their less than one-year-old child to celebrate Tet with their grandparents. “I know that riding a motorbike will be more difficult for the baby than taking a bus, but nonetheless, rest assured because there are many water filling stations along the way and there is a Beer Viet Union member station. My family rested here for about an hour. will continue the journey”. Mr. Khiem shared while his wife took advantage of breastfeeding and his car was being inflated and oiled on the chain. “There are small children at home, many things, I have not had time to check the car carefully. May came here to be supported by the brothers and sisters at the station”, Mr. Khiem boasted.

Ms. Mai Thi Que said that there are thousands of food vouchers and free gas coupons available at the Viet Beer Union member station that she manages for people returning home by motorbike. “With these practical activities, people returning home by motorbike will feel more secure and convenient on the way home,” she added.


When stopping at Bia Viet Union Station, people are supported with meal vouchers, gas coupons, car repair and other free services. Photo: Hoang Liem

On National Highway 50 – the road from Hanoi to the Northeast provinces, Hai Duong 559 Union member station is always busy with people coming in and out. Inside the station, Ms. Tong Thi Cuc Hoa took advantage of rearranging the tables and chairs after the guests had just left. In many years of managing this station, she has never been as busy as in the last 10 days, when her station became a Union member station to help people return home to celebrate Tet safely. Although she has to wake up early and sleep later than usual, Ms. Hoa is very happy to be the connection between Bia Viet and her relatives who work far away from home to celebrate Tet.

“Stopping at the Doan Vien station, in addition to free meals and car repairs, people can receive Tet gifts prepared by Bia Viet to take home through interactive activities. Thank you brand. organized a meaningful program for me to have the opportunity to accompany and share with workers returning home to celebrate Tet more,” said Ms. Hoa.

Being supported at the Youth Union Stations, the way home for those far from home seems to be shortened and less bumpy,” expressed Mr. Minh, a native of Quang Ninh.


Hai Duong Union member station 599 welcomes hundreds of people every day to their hometown to celebrate Tet. Photo: Khac Tiep

Long Thanh 2 or Hai Duong 559 stop are just two of the 11 Union members that Bia Viet set up on the main roads from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from January 17-30. In addition, Bia Viet has about 170 water stations and car repair shops along the main roads to support people on the way home. These union members who often supply water and repair cars are an initiative within the framework of the campaign “Go home, Vietnamese New Year flourishes” that Beer Viet – a brand of Heineken Vietnam kicks off during the Lunar New Year 2022.

Mr. Alexander Koch, CEO of Heineken Vietnam shared, Beer Viet is a brand born to honor the national spirit and solidarity of Vietnamese people across the country. With the desire to contribute to realizing the union dreams of workers away from home on this Tet holiday, Bia Viet brings a chain of Youth Union Stations with practical support to help the journey home to celebrate Tet by motorbike of the company. Vietnamese people are less tired, and safer,” said the CEO.


For motorcyclists returning to their hometown, the journey is less long when there are Union members stations. Photo: Hoang Liem

According to the leader of Heineken Vietnam, 2021 is a year of many challenges for everyone, especially for workers away from home, who have to be away from their families for a whole year to make a living. Going home for a reunion when Tet comes to Spring is the biggest wish of many of these people, but this year coming home to celebrate Tet can be a more difficult journey than previous years. Bia Viet hopes to be able to share some of the worries of workers returning home to celebrate Tet by motorbike – by helping to make the trip safer and less arduous for those returning home, and everyone else. There will really be a Tet reunion with family, after a long and difficult year,” said Alexander Koch.

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List of chain of Vietnam Beer Union member stations nationwide:

From Ho Chi Minh City:
The leg from Ho Chi Minh City to the central provinces: Hung Thinh 3 stop, Xuan Hung commune, Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province.
The route from Ho Chi Minh City to the Central Highlands provinces: Phuc Loc Tho stop, National Highway 14, Hamlet 2, Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province.
The leg from Ho Chi Minh City to the western provinces: Tam Ri 1 stop, National Highway 80, Tan Hoa district, Vinh Long province.
The leg from Ho Chi Minh City to Ba Ria – Vung Tau: Long Thanh 2 stop, National Highway 51 Phuoc Hung, Phu Xuan ward, Phu My town, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

From Hanoi:
The route from Hanoi to the Northeast provinces (Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh): Hai Duong Union member station 559, National Highway 5, Hai Duong city, Hai Duong province.
The route from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, and Ha Tinh provinces: Yen Binh, Tam Diep, Ninh Binh Union member stations; Union member station Phu Ly, Ha Nam; Phu Xuyen Union Station, Phu Xuyen, Hanoi.
The route from Hanoi to Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Lao Cai, Yen Bai and Tuyen Quang provinces: Dong Van, Vinh Tuong, Vinh Phuc union members; Union member station Zone 4, Phu Ninh, Phu Tho; Union Station in Doan Hung Town, Phu Tho.


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