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Sweet and sour fried ribs, fried chicken wings with fish sauce, fried bacon with fish sauce, sweet apricot fish with garlic sauce… are extremely attractive dishes, regardless of the season of the year.

1. Hanoi sweet and sour fried ribs

Stir-fried sweet and sour ribs in Hanoi and Northern style in general keep the original taste with simple ingredients including ribs, fish sauce, sugar and rice vinegar. After preliminary processing, the ribs are marinated with a little onion juice, garlic and spices and then fried until golden brown on all sides. Depending on your taste, adjust the rib sauce to suit and then braise the ribs over medium-low heat until thick and slightly sticky, with a nice reddish brown color.

A few tips for the perfect dish: To remove the bones, when preparing, cut/slit a line behind the ribs. Crush the onion and garlic, squeeze the juice to marinate the ribs, increase the flavor, absorb quickly, but do not burn black when frying.

2. Fried chicken wings with fish sauce

Fried chicken wings with fish sauce is a popular dish in Saigon, praised by many foodies around the world, besides Honey Garlic Chicken Wings of Korea, Chicken wings with soy sauce sauce of Korea. China (Soy Sauce Chicken Wings).

Fried chicken wings with fish sauce attract from the first many by its beautiful reddish brown color, crispy skin outside, soft and sweet meat inside without drying. In particular, the umami taste is outstanding thanks to the sufficient amount of fish sauce, combined with the non-garlic garlic to stimulate the taste.

3. Ba just fried fish sauce

The Southern region is characterized by interlaced rivers and seas, so seafood is abundant. Therefore, people here use fish sauce popularly. The fish sauce creates a salty taste, an aroma and a deep sweetness thanks to the available umami content. Fried bacon with crispy skin, tender meat, beautiful amber-colored sauce with sweet and salty taste is always favored in the menu of daily meals.

To have a delicious dish, you should always boil the bacon until it’s cooked, and the skin will be crispy when fried. Need to dry to avoid oil splashing when frying. Coating with flour or cornstarch keeps the meat crispy and also prevents oil splatter.

4. Sweet apricot fish with garlic sauce

The dish is attracted by the crispy fish, the golden brown surface, the harmonious sweet and sour taste, the aroma of garlic, the spicy and spicy of chili, eaten with white rice or sipped with friends. Pay attention to pat dry the fish or let it dry completely before frying to avoid oil splashing.

Can be breaded, but not crispy for as long as direct frying with 2 fire. If there is no apricot fish, replace it with other fish such as anchovies, small gobies.

5. Tofu with coconut water

The khaki dishes are typical culinary culture of the people of the South. Tofu cooked with coconut water to a glossy golden brown color, the beans are tough on the outside, soft on the inside, the sauce is thick, salty and sweet, so no matter how much rice you cook, you can eat it all.

Note that tofu should only be fried until golden brown, not too dry. It is recommended to boil the coconut water first to absorb the natural sweetness and then taste the spices later because the tofu absorbs the spices quickly. If vegetarian, omit the garlic and use vegetarian fish sauce or soy sauce.

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