Friday evening in Hamburg – Corona raid with 300 investigators

Hamburg – Now it’s enough for the authorities. Hard edge against corona sinners! 300 investigators from the police, customs, district offices and the office for occupational safety moved out yesterday evening for a big raid on bars throughout the city.

It started shortly after 7 p.m. in Billstedt: emergency vehicles stopped in Legienstrasse in front of a bar that is considered a meeting place for mostly Albanian citizens. In previous inspections, there were repeated violations of the hygiene regulations. The landlord is said to have shown himself unapologetic.

Officials sealed everything off. Shouts: “Police, put your hands on the tables.” More than 30 people were sometimes sitting close together. Police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrün: “We noticed significant deficiencies in maintaining the contact list.

Policemen cordon off the barPhoto: Thomas Knoop

Police cars are in front of the restaurant

Police cars are in front of the restaurantPhoto: Thomas Knoop

Customs officers found a forged ID on the person in charge of the bar

Customs officers found a forged ID on the person in charge of the barPhoto: Thomas Knoop

This includes names of guests who are not even present. Or there are guests who have not registered. A person in charge had forged papers. She has to go to the station. The shop will now be closed. “

The landlord also faces a high fine. Civil investigators also checked other bars, cafes and restaurants. If violations were observed, uniformed forces moved in shortly afterwards.

Police spokeswoman Levgrün: “In the majority of the bars, the conditions are exemplary. The aim of the raid is to find the black sheep who do not adhere to the hygiene rules – and the guests therefore run the risk of being infected with corona. “


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