French people’s confidence in the economy jumped 10 points with the arrival of vaccines

Are the French back in good spirits? According to an Odoxa survey for BFM Business, Challenges and Aviva, the imminent arrival of vaccines and the prospect of deconfinement are exciting the French.

In an online survey carried out on November 25 and 26, 2020 with a sample of 1,005 adults, 23% of French people said they were more confident in the country’s economic future compared to 13% in October 2020.

Job satisfaction

Surprisingly, respondents also praised their company’s behavior with their employees. 80% of employees earning more than 3,500 consider themselves satisfied with their working conditions. Among those practicing telework 100%, the survey finds 77% satisfied. In the dark, 38% of 18-24 people expressed their dissatisfaction with the behavior of their companies. This figure rises to 37% for residents of the Paris region and 33% for workers. Satisfied people remain in the majority in all three cases. Why the “compulsory teleworking” instruction is so ambiguous … and (therefore) so little respected

Trust in local communities

40% of those surveyed expressed their confidence in local communities (regions, town halls, etc.) to get out of the health and economic crisis. The state (17%) and the government (15%) are far behind.

Finally, nearly two-thirds of French people believe that the Covid-19 crisis will encourage countries like France to invest in health and care systems. Almost 79% believe that companies risk accelerating a technological change towards more innovation and digital.

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