Free running race for 1,000 children in Ha Long

Kun Marathon Ha Long held on December 4 with 1,000 free runs, and many dynamic games for children.

This is the first year that the children’s running tournament takes place in the coastal city of Ha Long. Kun Marathon Ha Long was held on the sidelines of the race for adult athletes VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long 2021.

1,000 children participate in the Kun Marathon in Hue 2020. Photo: VM

Specifically, the Organizing Committee designed an attractive running track, with many unique challenges suitable for children’s physical condition. The tournament took place on the morning of December 4 with the number of 1,000 children. Previously, parents who have successfully registered their children will come to receive a racekit consisting of a T-shirt, hat and Bib in a cloth bag. The shirt and Bib have 5 colors, divided by age from 6 to 10, to ensure that children of the same age compete with each other.

At the end of the challenge, the children with good results in each run have the opportunity to receive valuable prizes. The organizers also arranged a separate check-in photo area with achievements for the child runner to finish in the top 3 of the competitions. The tournament opens registration gates from today, October 25. Parents go here to register early. Kun Marathon Ha Long will stop accepting applications when the number of 1,000 children is reached.

Previously, in each time held in Hanoi, Hue, Quy Nhon, the Kun Marathon kid race became an exciting festival for children running. The children, dressed in colorful costumes, crossed elaborately arranged obstacles. All children who complete the course will receive medals and items for the winner.

Kun Marathon held in Quy Nhon 2020. Photo: VM

Kun Marathon held in Quy Nhon 2020. Photo: VM

Many parents consider this to be a fun activity, creating a new playground for their children. Running helps children confidently look forward to the next challenges in the journey of growing up.

Trung Trung is the time when the tournament takes place right during the summer vacation of elementary and middle school students. Therefore, this can be considered as an opportunity for the family to relax together in the coastal city of Ha Long. Parents can participate in the 5-42km runs, while the kids still have short motor challenges. Sign up to join here.

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