Free motorbike repair team for students

Ho Chi Minh CitySeeing that many students’ motorbikes in the dormitory broke down after a long break from the epidemic, Tran Thien Tin and four other people set up a team to repair cars for free.

At 12 noon on the first day of March, the phone of Thien Tin, 21 years old, a student of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, kept ringing. The student left his lunch unfinished, carried a motorcycle repair kit from Tay Ninh, to the meeting place of guests in the dormitory of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

“Seeing you guys pushing the car from the basement to find a place to fix it after Tet, I love it very much. All students are far away from home, there is no money. I decided to sign up to join the mobile car repair team with five people, starting started operating on February 12,” Tin said.

Thien Tin (black shirt) repaired motorbikes for students at the dormitory of Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City at the end of February 2022. Photo: Characters provided

Tin said, 5 members of the group divided into two teams. A security guard and a person working at the guesthouse of Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City received repairs at the official house. The remaining three members are on tour. Most of the vehicles that need support have problems with not starting the engine, flat tires, clogged fuel… With a simple error, the team fixes it for free. In cases of severe damage, he had to push it to the yard or the dormitory of area B to have enough repair equipment. If parts need to be replaced, members of the group will buy them for them and charge them at the original price, no repair work.

The team’s daily work starts from 8am to 11pm. In the first few days, the team rescued about 100 cars a day, then gradually decreased.

“The number of cars that need to be repaired is large, but some people do it, I would also like to contribute a part of the effort,” said Hoang Duc Thang, 21 years old, a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.

According to Thang, car repair takes a lot of time, but the male student still balances his studies and volunteering. During the busy time of studying, requests for support are transferred to Tin or another member.

Tin is checking a student's broken car at the dormitory for support, late February 2022.  Photo: Character provided

Tin is checking a student’s broken car at the dormitory for support, late February 2022. Photo: Characters provided

Seeing a group of students repair their cars for free, many people scolded them for “taking care of the money” but Tin and the members thought that they received more than they lost. “I feel more confident and happier when I see smiles on everyone’s faces. Just a word of thanks, a word of encouragement or a few bottles of water given to me warms my heart,” he laughed.

Dinh Hong Nhi, 21 years old, a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, once helped by Tin, expressed: “I really feel the warmth of humanity in the middle of the city during difficult times. “.

Returning to Saigon to study directly on the afternoon of February 19, Nhi discovered that the motorbike that had been sent for 11 months in the basement could not be started. Determined to lose several hundred thousand dong to repair, but she was helped by Tin. “Waiting for you to fix it, I asked for the cost to pay but Tin refused. For the first time after three years of studying away from home, I received help from a stranger,” the female student recalled.

Currently, the volunteer group’s free car repair activity has stopped, due to the need to repair, but every day Tin still receives calls for support.

“As long as students call me, they are happy to go, regardless of time. As long as they can do useful things for everyone”, Thien Tin laughs.

Quynh Nguyen


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