Frankfurt – Will our students have to freeze soon, Minister of Education?

Frankfurt – Do our children have to freeze in school during the winter months?

The Hessian Minister of Culture Alexander Lorz (54, CDU) visited the Helmholtz School in Frankfurt’s Ostend on Wednesday and spoke clear words. Because after the autumn holidays, a new wind is blowing in the old school building – and it’s a cold wind: Because all classroom doors must remain open and the windows must be kept open as often as possible – even in winter.

“Ventilation is the ideal way to fight corona in schools,” Lorz told BILD. “We have no other choice. That is what the experts tell us. ”It is indispensable, regardless of whether it is with technical equipment or with ventilation. Anything is better than not being able to take lessons.

Teacher Maren Seel opens the windows as often as possible – it should be cold in winterPhoto: Joerg Halisch

Maren Seel teaches ethics at the Helmholtz School and also gives classes in the computer room to fifth graders. “We also ventilate as often as possible,” she says. Many children wear jackets and scarves.

Another teacher about BILD: “I already find it very cold, I have two sweaters on today, and on Monday I had a jacket on during class. When it gets colder, it will be difficult. ”

For Education Minister Lorz it is the concept of the hour: as much ventilation as possible

For Education Minister Lorz it is the concept of the hour: as much ventilation as possible Photo: Joerg Halisch

Are half classes a solution?

The distance is now hardly kept, masks are required. In the spring it was different: the classes were halved at the time to reduce the risk of infection.

The unfortunate consequence at the time: many missed hours, hardly any classroom teaching. Minister Lorz does not believe in taking this measure again.

“It is impossible to maintain the teaching load with half a class.” You don’t have a second shift of teachers and you can’t just double the number of teachers.

“We already saw it in May and June, when the students only had two school days a week.” One could try to somehow compensate for that with digital lessons, but there would always be a minus compared to face-to-face teaching.

“That’s why we should only do this when it is really necessary.”

This means: As long as the number of cases does not increase dramatically, the concept remains: airing, wearing a mask and warming up.


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