Franken-Tatort-Star Groth – The television stays off for me

Nuremberg – The next Franconian crime scene will lure millions of viewers in front of the television on Sunday. Only one not: actor Sylvester Groth (63).

“I just always have a little trouble seeing myself. I trust the director and what people tell me “, so Groth.

“I’m not that kind of self-eye-catcher.”

And actually that doesn’t help either: “The film is finished. You can’t change anything more than an actor. “

In the crime scene “Where’s Mike?” (ARD, 8:15 p.m.) it’s about a five-year-old boy who has disappeared. For three days his separated parents (Linda Pöppel, Andreas Pietschmann) think that their son is with each other until the mistake is noticed. Now the parents suspect each other.

But where is Mike really? And what role does teacher Rolf Glawogger (Groth) play?

However, Groth’s own work does not remain completely unseen: “At some point I will watch my films so that I know what is still in there, of what we played and how it is edited.”


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