Franconian glass manufacture: How the white sausage gets on the Christmas tree

Neustadt near Coburg – White sausage, sweet mustard, pretzel and a wheat beer to go with it: A manufacturer from Neustadt near Coburg makes Bavarian delicacies as pendants for Christmas trees.

“We have a sausage or Schlenkerla trailer for the Franks,” said Marie Müller-Blech from the family business “Inge’s Christmas Decor”. But the Münchner Kindl, a cowbell with edelweiss, dirndl and lederhosen are also part of the “Bavarian Christmas” range.

Her grandfather founded the glass factory in the 1950s, said the 24-year-old. Since then, more than 15,000 forms have accumulated, and around a hundred new forms are added every year. All pendants are still hand-blown and hand-painted.

Just like the white sausage: The glass is heated in an open flame, blown into the mold and silver-plated from the inside. “The trailer is dipped in a white base color and dabbed with a sponge,” explained Müller-Blech. The white sausage even gets green sprinkles for the parsley, later it hangs on the Christmas tree with a blue and white cord.

There is also a matching mustard jar

Photo: dpa

The Bavarian range has been growing for around fifteen years. “The trailers are very popular, not just for Christmas,” said the 24-year-old. “This is often a gag, as a gift or as a decoration for the kitchen.”


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