François Dupuy: “There are winners and losers in teleworking”

François Dupuy has worked at CNRS, Insead and in many universities around the world. Author of “Lost in Management” (Seuil, 2011), he has just published “We do not change companies by decree” (Seuil, 2020), a practical management methodology.

We have experienced the unthinkable: the sudden switch to teleworking in office jobs… You conducted a sociological survey of nine large companies and public administrations, what did you observe?

Everywhere we went, those who had to manage the crisis in the most concrete sense of the term – taking care of people, organizing work, putting decisions into practice – are the local managers. I mean both a line manager in the industry and an establishment manager in a bank. It is this close supervision, in direct contact with the teams, which has taken full responsibility for managing the crisis.

EXCLUSIVE. Teleworking was almost too good for employees

Isn’t it the top executives?

The leaders, what did they do? Of course, they tried to protect people. But above all, they tried to cover themselves… That’s why they made so many decisions. If you add together, on the one hand, the government provisions – health measures, partial unemployment, etc. – and on the other hand, the provisions adopted by the companies themselves, we arrive at totally contradictory decisions. The management of this crisis s

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