France Minerals: improving your health thanks to the virtues of lithotherapy

France Minerals is the French leader in stones, crystals and minerals. Their virtues and their properties in terms of lithotherapy are adapted to the needs of each one and exist in various forms.

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Lithotherapy, the natural therapeutic method

Lithotherapy is a natural method which consists of treating ailments through stones and crystals with virtues and therapeutic properties. Lithotherapy is used more and more because this method improves the state of health and heals in a natural way. Stones and crystals emit positive vibrations which contribute to the improvement of well-being. When you are nearby, the frequency of vibrations acts on certain points of the body. Stones and crystals can exist in different forms: in raw form arranged in a room, in the form of a pendant, necklace or bracelet.

The French leader in lithotherapy

Thus, France Minerals specializes in the creation of handmade jewelry, in natural stone objects and in raw minerals. All France Minerals products combine high-end quality and therapeutic approach, since 2016. Through its unrivaled know-how, France Minerals has positioned itself as a leader in the lithotherapy market in 2019. As a result. , France Minerals now offers more than 10,000 jewels, stones and minerals with lithotherapy properties, adapted to the needs of each individual and at extremely attractive prices.

A wide range of natural stones

France Minerals offers natural stones and raw minerals in all their variations for all tastes. France Minerals supports and guides its customers in their choice of products. Each stone, mineral and crystal has virtues and properties in lithotherapy that help reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep, or even reduce anxiety, and much more. Whether in the form of jewelry or in a raw form, France Minerals has designed unique, quality and tailor-made objects.

France Minerals: improving your health thanks to the virtues of lithotherapy

France Minerals: improving your health thanks to the virtues of lithotherapy France Minerals

Amethyst, prized around the world for its remarkable virtues

Amethyst is one of the flagship and star stones of France Minerals. Amethyst is characterized by its color which varies from pale purple to deep purple. Of magmatic origin, it has remarkable virtues and properties in lithotherapy. It acts in particular on negative emotions and brings inner peace, humility and wisdom. In addition to stimulating creativity, imagination and clarity, amethyst promotes meditation, focus, and spiritual upliftment. It also soothes anger, fear, worries, anxieties, sadness and grief. It purifies places and objects, to help accept changes and purify the soul. Wherever it is located, amethyst contributes to relaxation, calm, relaxation and balance, thanks to its properties acting on both the mental and physical level.

International development of lithotherapy

France Minerals no longer has to prove its know-how and expertise in matters dedicated to lithotherapy. This is why France Minerals is now planning to develop its activity internationally. Already present in the United Kingdom and Spain, France Minerals will soon expand to Italy and Germany.

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