Four notes when choosing tables and chairs

The dining table set of tables and chairs can make the space more beautiful and convenient, but it is easy to bring a nuisance if chosen carefully.

Choosing the dining table is the stage to complete the kitchen – dining room space. Usually, architects or interior designers will model and build this “item”, but many homeowners prefer to buy it already.

In fact, the dining table set separately according to the difficult design is diverse in materials and designs. Materials such as metal, glass, and leather are difficult to work with by hand, the price is expensive, so mass production will be standard, beautiful and cheaper. Currently, the market has many types of ready-made dining tables, originating in the country or abroad. Homeowners also often want to see firsthand, hand touch, negotiate new prices to buy furniture.

Whether according to the design – construction or purchase, the choice of the dining table should also note a few things below to ensure usability and increase aesthetic value for the space.


To choose a table with the right number of seats, users need to know clearly the living needs of the family, for example how many members eat regularly, whether or not to welcome guests to eat or not. The number of seats less than needed will cause inconvenience. Conversely, buying excess chairs leads to waste because of the number of seats relative to the size of the dining table. The more chairs, the larger the dining table, occupying the space and creating a feeling of emptiness and lack of intimacy during the meal.

Choose the number of seats suitable for actual needs to save space and avoid feeling empty during meals. Image: Ha Thanh.

Shape and size of the dining table

The most popular is the rectangular table, followed by the square and round table. There are also some other types of tables such as oval, rectangular long table, but short edges with curved edges or a semicircle … Need to base on the location of the dining table, the area and the surrounding approaches to choose choose the right shape.

Rectangular tables for home use often have symmetrical chairs on both sides. With the dimensions as above, rectangular tables usually have 4 – 10 chairs, depending on the chair size and table foot structure.

Square tables usually only accommodate four chairs while round tables are very flexible in arranging chairs, useful in small areas. A round table with a diameter of one meter has an area less than a square table next to 90 cm but can seat six people while a square table can only sit four people.

Square tables, round tables should be placed in a central location, with convenient passage around. Rectangular tables can rest a short side against a wall.

Currently on the market there are a number of portable table tops, easy to expand in size and add seats when needed.

Round tables are very flexible in arranging chairs, useful in small spaces.

Round table is flexible in arranging chairs, so it is useful in a small area. Image: Ha Thanh.

Material, color

Material and color of the dining table should be considered according to the style of the interior in addition to liking and using habits. The dining tables with new materials such as glass, steel, stainless steel, leather cushions … are suitable for modern spaces and wooden materials are often used for simple or classical spaces. However, this principle is only relative, homeowners can combine flexibly and skillfully.

The table top is often made of glass for convenience. Glass can be tempered glass or just a sheet of glass placed on a table of other materials.

Some people do not like the glass countertops because of the cold feeling and “grit teeth” when they hear the sound of dishes hitting the glass, so they choose wooden tables. Wooden surface brings warmth, but need attention to keep clean. In case of using a glass-faced table that wants to avoid the impact as above, homeowners can use tablecloths.

With chairs, the most important thing is the size to ensure a comfortable seat and not too heavy, especially when the house has young children because during eating or having to move the chair.

Tables and chairs dining with leather material, stainless steel is often used for modern spaces.  Photo: Ha Thanh.

Tables and chairs dining with leather material, stainless steel is often used for modern spaces. Image: Ha Thanh.

The structure of the table

Before buying, the homeowner needs to carefully understand the structure of the frame, the legs, the table surface and how it can meet the living needs. There are types of tables in terms of size that can sit three people on each side, but when finished eating, it is not possible to shrink the corner chair under the ground because of the foot problem.

Small tables should have a lower floor to place items such as tissue, toothpickers. However, if this side is protruding a lot, the person sitting on the dining table will be tripped.

In addition, it is necessary to consider when choosing a table with a transparent glass surface with a thin bearing frame, without the side covering the bottom because when sitting under the table, people can easily see each other’s feet under the table, which can cause awkwardness. convenient, especially when inviting guests to eat.

In terms of location, today’s dining tables are often placed towards the living room, living room or the connection point between those spaces with the kitchen. This arrangement creates a formal but also inconvenient because it is far from the cooking area. If possible, homeowners should arrange a small kitchen table set for convenience when there are few people or need to eat quickly.

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