Four injured on A8: truck drives to the end of a traffic jam near Pforzheim

Pforzheim – After a rear-end collision between four vehicles with four injuries, Autobahn 8 near Pforzheim was closed for several hours.

According to the police on Tuesday, a truck driver overlooked the end of a traffic jam on Monday evening and drove his trailer onto a van driving ahead. The force of the impact pushed the car onto another car, which in turn hit a truck.

The driver of the van and the driver and one passenger of the car suffered serious injuries. The driver in the front truck was slightly injured. The police estimate the total damage to the vehicles at around 150,000 euros.

The A8 in the direction of Stuttgart was initially completely closed. After almost four and a half hours, it was completely released again. On Monday evening, the police had not given any details about the accident, but spoke of a field of rubble.


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