Found in the attic – Bielefelder (24) tried World War II potatoes

Bielefeld – In an attic, Marius Rügge (24) from Bielefeld found boxes of cans from the Second World War – and tried the contents right away!

His choice: 76 year old dried potatoes from the Australian armed forces. “Tastes musty, earthy and only remotely like floury potatoes,” said Marius Rügge of the German Press Agency. His research on the dried fries would have shown: They come from Melbourne in Australia and were probably intended to supply the soldiers.

“I can imagine that during the war or after the war they somehow ended up in the coal shop that used to be here,” said Rügge. The “Westfalen-Blatt” had previously reported.

In this Bielefeld attic room, the soldiers’ meals gathered dust for decadesPhoto: Marius Rügge / dpa

Before the renovation work was due, the young entrepreneur had entered the outbuilding of his place of work with a plumber and had become aware of the boxes that had apparently been unnoticed in the attic for decades. “They looked like in the film,” said Rügge. The dusty and tightly closed wooden boxes bear the stamp: “Dried Potato”, dried potato – “Of course you get curious”.

In the crates, Rügge and his colleagues found two cans of dehydrated potatoes cut to french fries, as well as instructions for preparation. He then soaked a couple of the potato sticks in water for two hours and then heated them – in the microwave.

The potato sticks might have tasted better fried

The potato sticks might have tasted better friedPhoto: Marius Rügge / dpa

“Perhaps it would have been better to use a deep fryer,” says Rügge. What is happening with the boxes is not yet clear. “Maybe someone will be interested in it.” In any case, he won’t eat the dry food.


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