Fortune teller madness in the annual check – clairvoyants failed again in 2021

Whether zombie apocalypse, the death of all vaccinated or the outcome of the federal election: fortune tellers failed again across the board in 2021!

Year after year, fortune tellers foresee events on all sorts of topics – and not always with success. According to skeptics, they were wrong in many forecasts in 2021, such as:

  • Viruses from Russia infect people and turn them into zombies.
  • An asteroid hits the earth.
  • All people vaccinated against the coronavirus die.
  • There is a change at the top of the British royal family.
  • Melania and Donald Trump go their separate ways and get divorced.

According to an evaluation by the Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para sciences (GWUP) in Roßdorf in southern Hesse, fortune tellers and clairvoyants did not have a good year in 2021 either and delivered little tangible and, as usual, no surprising hits.

The often prophesied zombie apocalypse failed, as did the appearance of the giant monkey King Kong on a desert island. “There were no spectacular forecast hits in 2021 either,” says the GWUP.

▶ ︎ In the current year, the corona pandemic was of course a frequent topic among fortune tellers.

“Here, optimistic forecasts of an imminent end to the pandemic and warnings of further, worse effects were roughly balanced,” says the Mainz mathematician Michael Kunkel. He has been evaluating the forecasts for around 20 years. So-called lateral thinkers would have made themselves “ridiculous” with predictions of a shutdown of the Internet, the death of all vaccinated persons or a shutdown of the power supply in Germany.

According to the GWUP, the general election was also discussed by clairvoyants.

A result of 25 percent was seen for the AfD – but it actually landed at 10.3 percent. Sometimes the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), sometimes the CDU politician Armin Laschet, was predicted to be the next Federal Chancellor. In the latter case, nothing was even said about the election result. For Kunkel a “clever strategy”: You could be wrong with prognoses, as long as you only express yourself purely astrologically, you can at least not be embarrassed.

According to the GWUP, well over 100 texts from books, websites, blogs or press articles were evaluated in 2021. Among them were the predictions of well-known forecasters for years who made 100 or more predictions about King Kong, animals that invade cities, disasters, the end of the world, the love life or family planning of celebrities. According to Kunkel, a real prediction should be clearly formulated. It should contain what is happening, when it is happening and where. But such forecasts are very rare.

For example, earthquakes in California or volcanic eruptions are predicted. Kunkel: “The one on La Palma was not there.”


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