“Forbidden Love” star Sina Zadra: What she has to do with Til Schweiger

Who is the Hamburg woman who can be seen in the RTL remake of “Verbotene Liebe – Next Generation” on the “TVNow” streaming portal? It’s actress Sina Zadra (30, “Dr. Kleist family”) from Eppendorf!

For 20 years “Verbotene Liebe” was THE top soap on ARD (1995 to 2015), now Sina is playing the leading role in ten new episodes.

BILD interview with a trained criminal and legal psychologist who was discovered by TV star Til Schweiger (56)!

TV star Til Schweiger (56) discovered Sina in 2016 when he opened the “Barefood Deli” Hamburg

Photo: picture alliance / Stephan Persc

BILD: How exactly was it with Til back then?

Sina Zadra: “When I was 16, I was approached by a model agent while I was shopping, then while I was at school and studying, I made music videos and commercials. Years later, in 2016, I went to the opening of Til Schweiger’s ‘Deli’ in the city center. I had just finished my studies and he asked me if I wanted to try my hand at film. He actually made my first little appearance in the movie ‘Hot Dog’ possible. From then on, further acting assignments followed. And today I can look forward to the lead role in ‘Forbidden Love – Next Generation’! I couldn’t be more grateful. To follow in the footsteps of this successful series today makes me incredibly proud! “

Still in contact with Til?

Zadra: “Not a regular one. But I see him as a good friend, whom I can always ask when it comes to something professional or a casting contact. “

You don’t look like 30 at all, more like 20. How come?

Zadra (laughs): “I sleep in the fridge!”

Teaser picture

Sina Zadra and BILD editor Maik Brodersen during a conversation in the Colonnaden Hamburg

Photo: Andreas Costanzo

What is your free time like?

Zadra: “I go running and do yoga. But I love to be alone sometimes. Then I go to the country with my little dog, and I prefer to spend time in the forest and in nature. That calms me down and grounds me. And then the cell phone has to stay off. “

Are you single?

Zadra: “That remains my secret.”

In the role of Josefin you fall in love with Alexander, played by Frederik Götz. How was it?

Zadra: “Of course, trust in one another is important when you play so many intense and emotional scenes together.”

Teaser picture

Film excerpt: Sina Zadra in the role as Josefin Reinhard with actor Frederik Götz (Alexander Verhoven)

Forbidden love?

Zadra: “There are sex scenes, love, intrigues, confessions, fights.”

What would your future dreams of acting be for you?

Zadra: “A role as a commissioner would be great! Or even as a profiler! Anyway, a role that can be tricky, sporty and combative. But everything in good time. “


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