For “L’Obs”, the writer Julien-Blanc-Gras becomes Uber Eats delivery man. A week of great loneliness

The young man who opens the door is dressed in underpants. Nice red briefs, well made, clean. Nothing else. I thought, naively, that we allowed ourselves to open in undress to strangers in only one scenario: a porn movie scenario. But there is no camera and the man in underwear does not invite me in with a flirtatious voice. He mutters a vague “thank you” when I hand him his order, before slamming the door in my face. This is my first race, and I have just grasped the essence of my new profession: the delivery man is the one that we meet (on the doorstep) and that we don’t really look at.

So, is the life of a delivery man really “Germinal”?

However, we only see them. Position yourself at the window after 6 p.m. You will see the permanent parade of two-wheelers ridden by beings equipped with bags branded Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat. With lockdowns, curfews and restaurant closures, home food delivery has taken hold in our urban lives. Deliveroo, present in 300 French municipalities, has announced a 64% increase in its activity in 2020. At Uber, which claims 12.5 million downloads of its app in France, deliveries have generated more revenue since last summer. business than the VTC activity.

Deliveroo’s insatiable appetite: “In France, the room for improvement is enormous”

They would be around 60,000 thus crisscrossing the arteries of our cities, small globules carrying proteins

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