For fences and preventive measures: 1.7 million euros against the wolf

Hanover / Bremen – Protection from wolves costs the state of Lower Saxony millions!

Overall, the costs of protecting grazing animals from wolves in Lower Saxony continued to rise in 2020. The country spent around 1.7 million euros on prevention in the first eleven months of the year. This includes putting up wolf-repellent fences, the Ministry of the Environment announced.

During the same period, voluntary equity benefits of around 170,000 euros were paid to keepers of killed farm animals. In addition, according to the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture, around 3.4 million euros were paid out for prevention in the first half of 2020, which was based on applications from livestock owners from 2019.

In 2019, on the other hand, only a good 732,000 euros flowed to keepers of sheep or goats for preventive measures. According to earlier ministry information, the background to the immensely increased expenditure is that the country has been assuming 100 percent of the costs for protective fences since last year.

The number of wolves last rose within a year from around 230 to currently around 350. There are now 35 packs and two pairs across the country, as the state hunt’s wolf monitoring shows.


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