For feeding storks in Brandenburg – Germany’s largest spoon

When his stork children rattle hungrily, Lutz Behrend (61) swings the big spoon.

For five weeks, the pensioner from Neu Biesen (Brandenburg) has been climbing up the old telegraph pole on his property every evening between 5 and 6 p.m. to feed three young storks – because an adult bird no longer returned to the eyrie. “I didn’t want to watch the young die or just be poorly cared for by the remaining adult bird,” says Behrend.

So he got professional advice and 20 kilograms of frozen day-old chicks from a wildlife sanctuary, borrowed scaffolding from a neighbor and built a feeding aid from a metal rod with a wooden channel: “At first I had to keep my distance because the storks dared to jump out of the wilderness and maybe injured themselves in the process would have. “

A protégé left the eyrie a few days ago, the other two young storks will move to Africa with their conspecifics in mid-August. As a reward for his efforts, Lutz Behrend only wants one thing: “Hopefully you will come back again.”

For feeding storks in Brandenburg: Germany's largest spoon
Photo: BILD


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