For Asus, “repair is the meaning of history”

In France, in 2020, only 40% of broken electronic devices were repaired. Also, with its “anti-waste law for a circular economy”, the government has acted on the ambition to increase this proportion up to 60%, thanks to the creation of a product repairability index. Since the 1er January, this score out of 10 is displayed in stores selling smartphones, laptops, washing machines, televisions, etc.

The Taiwanese manufacturer Asus was the first to put it in place, with an entire supply chain for spare parts and repair advice. An important step for the biggest seller of computers in our country, which could ultimately inspire the entire group, of which France is the third subsidiary, behind the United States and China. Update with Mustapha Nhari, CEO of Asus France.

Mustapha Nhari, Managing Director of Asus France. (Asus)

How are your sales doing after three lockdowns?

If we remember the beginning of 2020, we were quite pessimistic about the forecasts for the PC market. Then the pandemic imposed the first confinement, and the PC then made its return to the fore in French homes. We have seen an explosion in demand, mainly due to teleworking and distance education. And this was confirmed with the successive confinements and curfews.

Should we understand that once the crisis is over, the computer will again be a victim of disinterest?

I am convinced

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