For 132 days behind bars: prison visit to the GEZ refuser

Munster – Georg Thiel (54) has been in prison in Münster for 132 days.

Thiel is not a murderer or thief – he is sitting because he has not paid any radio fees (monthly 17.50 euros) since 2013! He now owes WDR 1827 euros and is therefore in compulsory detention.

Thiel is a computer draftsman, has not had a television for 25 years, and no radio for ten years. He to BILD: “Why do I have to pay as much fee as WDR boss Tom Buhrow? He earns 400,000 euros a year, I only 14,000 euros! “

And: “Buhrow demands that I submit a financial report in order to get out of coercive detention! I do not do that. I don’t even ask him what he’s got on the account! “

Because the WDR continues to insist on the demand for money, Thiel went on hunger strike twice. The AfD cannibalized this politically, even visited him. Thiel: “But I’m not an AfD supporter. What can I do if they support me? “

Thiel drew this floor plan of his cell during his time in prisonPhoto: marco stepniak

Thiel’s everyday life in prison has been taking place on eight square meters for months: bed, closet, table, toilet – no TV. But he has inserted the board for a television into a neat drawing of his cell.

Thiel must be released from compulsory detention by August at the latest. His debts remain. The WDR has to advance the detention costs of around 30,000 euros – from fee income, of all things! After that, the broadcaster can at least try to get the money back from Thiel …


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