Food street in the heart of Spring Flower Festival

Having fun, taking photos and enjoying delicious food is one of the special experiences at the 2022 Novaland Gallery Spring Flower Festival.

Every year, Ho Chi Minh City has no shortage of places for people to enjoy the Tet atmosphere, but it is difficult to find a place that fully combines entertainment and dining. Grasping that trend, Novaland Gallery has brought a variety of styles from Asia – Europe to the Spring Flower Festival “taste journey” to meet the diverse culinary needs of customers. In early spring, visitors can visit Novaland Gallery to take photos, experience folk games and enjoy delicious and attractive food.

Panorama of the beauty of Spring Flower Festival at night with the outstanding Nova FnB food street.

Arriving at the Spring Flower Festival at Novaland Gallery, spring tourists can enjoy a rich culinary system at the high-class restaurant chain operated by Nova FnB. It is a moment of delight in choosing a menu with Thai-style dishes at Mango Tree – a famous coffee and restaurant chain that is very popular with international tourists because of its variety and suitable taste. Visitors who are followers of Korean dishes can fully enjoy the pure flavor of each dish and culinary style at Ilmirack Vietnam barbecue restaurant.

Luxurious decoration space of Korean restaurant Ilmirack at Novaland Gallery.

Luxurious decoration space of Korean restaurant Ilmirack at Novaland Gallery.

In particular, as one of the famous restaurant chains throughout Asia, awarded the prestigious Michelin star, Crystal Jade Palace – a restaurant brand with delicious Cantonese dishes is also present at Novaland Gallery to meet the enjoyment needs of customers. traveler. With quality seafood ingredients, more than 25 types of dim sum and many unique dishes from experienced and professional chefs, guests will have unforgettable culinary experiences.

After the diverse experiences of dishes with international colors, a few more steps, visitors can come to May – Vietnamese Cuisine, a restaurant that uniquely blends traditional values ​​with the modern rhythm of life. to have a journey to discover the cuisine of the three regions of North – Central – South. Cuisine at May is also the dedication from skilled chefs who choose fresh and clean ingredients for dishes imbued with Vietnamese soul.

May restaurant with bold Vietnamese design.

May restaurant with bold Vietnamese design.

Experiences at the “delicious neighborhood” with a variety of tastes and tastes will satisfy the needs of families and groups of friends after a long day of playing and taking pictures at the Spring Flower Festival space. .

Not only providing a dining experience, Nova FnB food street also creates a diversity in demand with leading beverage brands in the hearts of young people such as 31 flavors Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, Xing Fu Tang milk tea. famous in Taiwan or the taste of Vietnamese coffee is difficult to mix at PhinDeli…

Diners enjoy Thai flavors in the heart of Saigon at the Novaland Gallery food street.

Diners enjoy Thai flavors in the heart of Saigon at the Novaland Gallery food street.

With a multi-style dining space of Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese,… this is the ideal space for New Year’s Eve parties, New Year’s Eve parties or family moments together during Tet.

“The multi-style food chain belonging to Nova FnB was born to create convenience for customers after visiting, learning about real estate investment opportunities or experiencing fun activities at Novaland Gallery. In addition. , these models also represent the culinary streets that will appear in the urban areas invested and developed by Novaland”, a Novaland representative said.

Nova FnB belongs to the NovaGroup ecosystem, a brand specializing in providing food and entertainment services to bring diverse experiences to visitors. The operation of FnB chains is also a prominent activity at Novaland’s projects such as NovaWorld Phan Thiet, NovaWorld Ho Tram, Aqua City…

Walking at the Spring Flower Festival at Novaland Gallery, visitors will be satisfied with the beautiful decoration, many modern Tet spaces mixed with traditional values. The event also creates an opportunity to experience folk games for families to review the traditional beauty of the old Tet. Some of the activities that are very popular with children when visiting the Spring Flower Festival are wrapping banh chung, asking for the word “grandfather”, jumping stalls, blindfolded and beating a kettle, playing umbrellas, etc.

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