Follow this safety trick, photo or video on WhatsApp, delete it after sending

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the whole world today. Around 2 billion people in different countries use this app. There is no doubt that WhatsApp has made people’s lives much easier. Now you have to send a photo, send a message, call or video call in a moment. You will find all these features inside WhatsApp. Given the increasing use of WhatsApp, new features are being added to it in the coming days. Not only this, WhatsApp is bringing many such features which are also very important for your safety. The name of this special feature is ‘Expiring Media’. In this, after sending a media file such as photo, video, jiff file to someone or after the person is removed from the chat, that file will disappear from the phone. Let’s know

How this feature will work
1- If you want to send a photo or any other file to the person who is chatting and you want to delete the file after seeing it once, then you have to click the View Once button under the new feature. Media files sent with this feature can be accessed with dedicated timer button.

2- You have to click on that button to add the media file in the chat. After this, your selected files will expire.

3- WhatsApp will highlight such media files with the timer icon, so that the user will know that the file shared after disappearing from the chat will disappear.

This feature is already here
Let us tell you that apart from WhatsApp, this feature is already available on Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram allows its users to send dispiriting photos and videos through direct messages. At the same time, Instagram also gives the option to send media files to the user to be dispensed.


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