Florida: Woman falls to her death from raising drawbridge

She didn’t make it in time…

A woman fell to her death from an elevating drawbridge in Palm Beach, Florida. The woman was pushing her bike, only ten feet past the barrier, when the bridge began to move.

At the barrier, a man tried to save the sliding woman, grabbing her body as she fell into the gap between the two sections of the bridge. “He tried to help her but couldn’t hold her down and she fell five or six stories,” a police spokesman told the Palm Beach Post.

At this point, the man tried to hold the woman, but she fell through the gap between the two bridge sections.Photo: WEST PALM BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT

Police cordoned off the bridge for six hours

Police cordoned off the bridge for six hoursPhoto: Meghan McCarthy/AP

The police cordoned off the drawbridge for six hours before they could retrieve the woman’s body from the water. It is still unclear how the terrible accident happened.

The drawbridge is opened or closed by a bridge keeper. Police said he was “disturbed” by the incident. What the warden did before the bridge went up will be part of the investigation.

The drawbridge is maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation, but the bridge attendants are provided by a private company.


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