Florence Bessy: the lawyer who accompanies victims of bodily injury

If medicine works miracles, it sometimes happens that it can make mistakes. Medical responsibility is then engaged, forcing the victims to embark on a particularly complex and long procedure. Florence Bessy accompanies these victims of bodily injury throughout the process, to advise, help and support them.

Bodily injury versus medical liability

As soon as one confronts the medical profession, surgery or drug treatment, the risk of fault is always a possibility. If medicine has evolved and its flaws are mostly minimal, error is human and can affect a patient closely. Whether it is a medical error, a vaccination dispute, a nosocomial infection or a medical accident, the damage suffered during hospitalization is multiple.

Today, two procedures make it possible to engage medical liability: referral to the CCI, either the Conciliation and Compensation Commission for medical accidents or the legal process. Whether we opt for one or the other, the procedures are complex, time-consuming and without guarantee of success for the benefit of the victim. In a broader prism, bodily harm can go beyond the scope of the hospital; traffic accidents or offences. Knowing that you are accompanied and taken in hand in these cases is therefore essential.

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Florence Bessy: the lawyer who accompanies victims of bodily injury

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Florence Bessy

10 years of experience in personal injury law

A specialist in the jurisdiction inherent in bodily injury, Florence Bessy has worked for more than ten years in supporting victims. Lawyer at the bar in Agen, this expert works in the New Aquitaine region as well as throughout France. Very familiar with matters relating to medical liability, Florence Bessy practices in both faulty and non-faulty prejudicial actions.

Whether you are the victim of an error in the context of a surgical operation, of a therapeutic hazard such as a nosocomial infection, Florence Bessy deals with all subjects specific to bodily injury. But if the lawyer masters the procedures related to medical liability, she does not forget the accidents related to the body in a broader way. It thus transmits to its customers a global know-how, thereby integrating bodily injury as a whole.

The facilitator of legal proceedings

Florence Bessy acts as a trusted third party. It should be borne in mind that during an accident or medical malpractice, the victim is in a state of undeniable vulnerability. Embarking alone on this long path of legal proceedings is therefore particularly difficult. The lawyer holds her clients by the hand throughout the procedure.

After having helped the victim to recover his medical file from the hospital, she directs him towards an amicable or legal procedure. There then follows local support during expert assessments, transactions with insurance companies during which she represents the said victim, up to pleading her case before the civil, administrative criminal or even the CCI or the CIVI. This then leads to the compensation phase where Florence Bessy also intervenes with the victim in the follow-up of their requests.

A virtuous and complete support

And it is precisely the proximity that makes Florence Bessy the privileged interlocutor for these procedures. As mentioned above, when the body is touched, impacted and in pain, it is essential to feel truly listened to; reassured and supported. Through her experience, but also her personality, the lawyer creates a relationship of trust with her client. In a medical sector where some players tend to dehumanize the profession, collateral victims more than need human support from whom to address their harm without shame or judgment.

More than simply taking charge of all the steps relating to the ongoing proceedings, Florence Bessy helps the victim to rebuild. Clients can turn to the lawyer at any time in the process; directly after the accident, a few weeks or months later, or even years later since the statute of limitations only comes into effect 10 years after the consolidation of the damage. By creating a circle of intimacy where the victim can confide without fear, Florence Bessy manages to combine the management of legal proceedings with essential moral support in the event of bodily injury.


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