Flood disaster: THW is hardly expecting any survivors in the rubble

Now it’s probably just about rescuing the victims.

The Vice President of the Technical Relief Organization (THW), Sabine Lackner, sees little chance of finding survivors after the floods in western Germany.

“We are currently still looking for missing people, for example when clearing the paths or pumping out the cellars,” says Lackner to the editorial network in Germany. “At this point, however, it is unfortunately very likely that you can only rescue victims, not save them.”

For a debate on the warning system, from their point of view, it takes calm, “and so do the experts. Most of them are currently still in use in the floodplains, ”says Lackner.

As a lesson from the catastrophe, the THW deputy boss advocates reviving “supposedly old-fashioned things”:

If cell phone networks, telephones and power fail, the warning app is no longer of any use. That is why more siren alarms are necessary again: “And the population should be able to distinguish the warning tones again.”

The storms last week had caused severe damage, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. At least 168 people were killed. For days there has been a heated discussion about how the warning of the population can be improved in the event of future severe weather events.


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