Flight saved after trouble with the hotline – thanks to BILD Baby Leni is allowed to visit grandma in America

The most important thing: In the end, the BILD readers shine, their problem is off the table!

As in these three cases, the “BILD fights for you!” for 50 years in trouble with companies, offices, institutions. Whenever the reader is right, but not getting anywhere himself. A blatant example: the Lufthansa on-hold madness of the young family from Berlin – the flight to grandma and grandpa in the USA is suddenly in danger through no fault of their own.

The case: Office manager Elisa Mächtel (29) and her husband Julian (32, sales person) from Berlin want to show their grandparents, who live in the USA, their biggest present for Christmas. This is the offspring Leni (7 months). But the flight to St. Louis booked in September was canceled. Papa Julian: “For over a month I have been trying to reserve our seats and a cot for Leni on the Lufthansa hotline several times a day, free of charge. Online that would cost an additional 180 euros. ”The success of“ BILD fights ”- and a surprise for the family yesterday on BILD LIVE on TV: Lufthansa immediately reserved seats and cots for free.

Insurance replaces Dominik (29) stolen suitcases

Thanks to BILD with a new case: Dominik Kasper (29)Photo: private

The case: Thieves got into the basement of flight attendant Dominik Kaspar (29) from Augsburg (Bavaria). Stolen: his valuable suitcase and ski equipment. While the police found the skis (worth 399 euros) in another investigation, the insurance company does not want to replace the suitcases for months. There are no signs of burglary. Dominik Kasper phoned and phoned: “I’m desperate. For months I’ve been at the living limit, my airline is on short-time work. ”Success of“ BILD fights ”: The insurance company reimburses the 2048 euros for the suitcases.

Judge Frank (58) finally has his bagpipes

Judge Orlik Frank (58) with his new bagpipes

Judge Orlik Frank (58) with his new bagpipesPhoto: vincenzo mancuso

The case: Hobby musician and judge Orlik Frank (58) from Selters (Hessen) ordered a bagpipe from a British company for 4700 euros. The instrument arrived in Germany, but not with BILD readers. After four months of telephone inquiries, 200 UPS notifications with “estimated delivery dates”, Orlik Frank switched on BILD. Success of “BILD fights”: The instrument came a week later. According to UPS, the reason for the delay was customs problems. Frank: “Awesome, what BILD achieves!”

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