Fivefold child murder in Solingen: death mother is silent in court

Wuppertal – She looks inconspicuous and harmless, the young woman with the bleached hair and the checked shirt in the dock of the regional court in Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia). But Christiane K. (28) is accused of fivefold murder.

According to the indictment, the single mother from Solingen murdered five of her six children in the family’s apartment in September 2020. The process began on Monday – and Christiane K. was silent. You will testify neither on the matter, nor on her person, said her defense lawyers.

The five siblings died behind this door in an apartment building in Solingen

Photo: Marcel Kusch / dpa

Instead, the lawyers turned down the trial’s psychiatric reviewer. Her client did not exempt him from medical confidentiality, but rather he “fooled” her into partial confidentiality and thus deceived her.

In addition, he did not even inquire about relevant investigations against the defendant’s father – Christiane K. accuses him of having sexually abused her – let alone inspect the files. In a preliminary statement, the expert had not found any mental illnesses in the 28-year-old mother. The German threatens life imprisonment.

According to public prosecutor Heribert Kaune-Gebhardt, she had given her children “high doses” of a mixture of three drugs and thus “deliberately induced a twilight state” in order to reduce their resistance.

One after the other, she took her children to the bathroom and strangled, suffocated or drowned in the bathtub. Then she wrapped each child in towels and put them in a cot.

The insane act could have been an act of revenge on her husband. At that time he was already living separately from Christiane K. and had a new one.

In the morning, shortly before the five children were killed, the ex-couple communicated via Whatsapp from around 7:20 am, Kaune-Gebhardt reports: “The topic was the husband’s new relationship, who recently published a new status picture of himself and the new partner Has. That could also have been the possible reason for this further development this morning. “

The prosecutor continues: “The assumed time of the crime is 7:20 am to 11:30 am.” The WhatsApp communication between Christiane K. and her ex was about as long.

The children’s bodies were discovered on September 3 last year: Melina (1), Leonie (2), Sophie (3), Timo (6) and Luca (8). Her mother threw herself in front of a train after the crime in Düsseldorf Central Station, but survived. Their eldest son survived unharmed. His mother had sent him to see his grandmother in the Lower Rhine region.

So far, the German had protested her innocence: a masked stranger broke into her apartment and killed her children. For this version, however, no traces or starting points were discovered, a spokesman for the prosecutor had said.


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