First howler of the season – Hello, I’m Lønne!

Is that cute! And these little eyes … to melt away!

His name is Lønne and is well developed for a premature baby: the first howler of the year was brought to the Friedrichskoog seal station on Tuesday.

After a thorough assessment of the state of health, the young seal, which was probably only a day old, was handed over to the staff at the seal station for rearing. Lønne weighed 8.6 kilograms when it was posted and was active and lively.

“Since there are more Howlers on the way, he won’t be alone for long,” it said. According to the international seal agreement, the seal station is the only authorized reception point for seals in Schleswig-Holstein.

More than 6000 seals are born in the German Wadden Sea each year. The main birth and suckling season for seals in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park has just begun and will last until August. The birthplaces and berths in the national park are usually in protection zone 1 and may not be entered. In order not to worry the wild animals, humans have to keep a large distance from them.

When a young animal is separated from its mother – whether because of a disturbance or because it is on the hunt – it makes contact sounds. The “howler” uses these sounds to stay in contact with the mother or to come back when she returns from her feeding trains. Derived from this, “howler” is the term used to describe young seals aged between a few days and up to 3 weeks, i.e. during the suckling period, when they have permanently lost their mother.


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