First blizzard in 2021 – New York defies the masses of snow

New York is sinking in the snow!

A potentially historic coastal storm paralyzes the metropolis of millions. By Monday noon, 34 centimeters of fresh snow was officially measured in Central Park – but only practically at halfway through the potent winter low. Heavy snowfalls are also predicted for Tuesday: the total precipitation could last more than 48 hours.

Meteorologists expected that storm “Orlena” should land in the top ranking of the largest New York snowfalls with half a meter of fresh snow – although in the end the record from 2016 (69 centimeters) will probably not be surpassed.

Local politicians outdid each other with warnings and emergency measures:

► Mayor Bill de Blasio (59) imposed a driving ban for the urban area, subway lines whose routes are above the ground have been discontinued.

► Governor Andrew Cuomo (63) warned that the storm would be “as serious as a heart attack”. The state of emergency was declared. And: “It will be two long days for us,” says the democrat. He advised everyone who can “stay home”.

In Brooklyn, a few cars slipped uncontrollably down a steep street, in Manhattan a truck came off the street.

The snow storm also led to closings of corona vaccination centers. However, Cuomo promised the inoculations would continue Tuesday: 1.9 million people in New York state have already been vaccinated.

The masks come in exactly the right place: A couple marches over the Brooklyn Bridge in the blowing snow and in freezing temperaturesPhoto: Mark Lennihan / dpa

At least: Due to the corona pandemic, which had been raging for almost a year, the business, cultural and media metropolis had already switched to working from home – the result was a greatly reduced volume of traffic.

The winter chaos, however, was unmistakable in Times Square: While the fine snow fell steadily like a veil, the few cars plowed down the snow-covered Seventh Avenue. Numerous side streets were impassable after snow removal had not even started there.

The city had thrown more than 1,600 street plows into the battle against the flake eddies: But with snowfall rates of five centimeters per hour, they hardly kept up.

A thickly packed New Yorker trudges past an advertising poster on which a tanned bathing mermaid can be seen

A thickly packed New Yorker trudges past an advertising poster on which a tanned bathing mermaid can be seenPhoto: BRENDAN MCDERMID / REUTERS

A cyclist struggled through the thick slush of slush in Times Square. However, many passers-by enjoyed the white splendor piling up everywhere: They took “selfies” and threw snowballs. Some lay happily on the ground, leaving snow angels behind. The first cross-country skiers appeared on the slippery roads, and they quickly become part of the cityscape in every New York snow storm.

Model and tour guide Veronika Dudka (30) could not miss an appearance in the snowstorm in a bright red summer dress, hat and leather boots. As usual, the “Naked Cowboy” only plucked his guitar in underpants in front of a snow plow. A pickup truck pulled a snowboarder down the street in New Jersey.

The gigantic “Nor’easter” (coastal storm) brought extreme winter weather to more than 100 million Americans from Washington to Boston.

Chicago was also snowed in

Chicago was also snowed inPhoto: Tyler Lariviere / dpa

First deaths

► In the US state of Pennsylvania, a 67-year-old with Alzheimer’s disease had left the house and was later found frozen to death.

► A couple was shot dead in an argument about shoveling snow in Plains Township, then the shooter took his life.

The US state of New Jersey with the greatest snow depths was hit particularly hard: 1,500 households were without electricity, due to wind gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

There is also huge chaos in air traffic: In New York, LaGuardia Airport was temporarily shut down, and a total of 1,640 flights in the eastern United States were canceled on Monday. Local trains in New Jersey (“Path”) remained in the depot, Amtrak discontinued the express train connection between New York and Boston.

The monster snowstorm also turned into a fiasco for the catering industry: the guest gardens that had been lumbered together due to the ban on restaurant interiors had to be closed – also for fear that the snow load could dent the temporary wooden roofs.


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