Firecracker ban: Thuringian mayor still lets it crash on New Year’s Eve

Hildburghausen (Thuringia) – Actually, public fireworks are banned across the country on New Year’s Eve this year. Hildburghausen still lets it rip!

Mayor Tilo Kummer (53, left): “The year 2021 demanded a lot from people. Countless cultural events had to be canceled. ”He is therefore giving his residents a fireworks display to say thank you for a successful year nonetheless.

Thuringia’s oldest fireworks factory in Meiningen received the order. Knall boss Rainer Apel (60) blows up 2000 large fireworks bombs from 12:10 a.m. For ten minutes, flower pictures (including dahlias, palms, chrysanthemums) shine in the small town sky at a height of 200 meters. It is said that where exactly the ignition takes place remains a secret for fear of crowds and violations of distance rules.

The rest of the industry is probably looking into the tube. Fireworks dealer Dieter Lang (52) from Erfurt: “There are goods worth 20,000 euros in my warehouse, I had to empty my shop because I am not allowed to sell anything. 85 percent of annual sales are gone. ”The black market in the Czech Republic and Poland, on the other hand, will explode, according to Lang.

Thuringia’s CDU parliamentary group leader Mario Voigt (44) also fears this and calls for the ban on firecrackers to be lifted. It takes away the joy of a cherished tradition for many people. “People deserve an emotional year-end. We shouldn’t get rid of their ownership, ”he warns. The police are also unable to control the ban.

In the end, the problem will only be moved to the Czech Republic, where illegal firecrackers are then bought. These created a much higher risk of injury.

Background: According to the current Corona rules, only small and table fireworks such as sparklers are allowed. Fireworks cannot be sold. New Year’s Eve events in public spaces are prohibited. BUT: Burning firecrackers or rockets in public spaces is not permitted in previously defined prohibited areas. These areas must be determined by the municipalities themselves.


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