Fire in memorial corner in the basement: urn grandpa burned for the second time

Of: R. Mühlebach, A. zu Castell-Rüdenhausen and A. Rosar

Stuttgart – Not a day goes by on which Eva B. (82) does not mourn her beloved husband. She was able to weep for him at his grave in the Zuffenhausen cemetery for 27 years. When the tomb was up, she erected a small altar for the man in the cellar at home. But grandpa was burned there for the second time.

The unbelievable happened in the morning. At around 10:53 a.m., smoke came out of the cellar. Witnesses alerted the rescue control center. The fire brigade came with a fire engine. The small memorial corner was on fire in the cellar.

The fire was quickly extinguished. A police spokesman: “A chair and table caught fire. On it was a flower arrangement and the urn. We currently assume that a burned out candle caused the fire. The urn was taken away by the Kripo as possible evidence. The property damage is around 1000 euros. “

Widow Eva B. appalled to BILD: “I don’t have a grave in the cemetery anymore. That’s why I set up a memorial in the basement. I’ve always mourned my husband here. “

And further: “I don’t know how that could happen now. The grave arrangement with the candle was in a copper kettle. Suddenly the whole house was full of smoke. ”

The fire brigade came with a fire engine. The small memorial corner was on fire in the cellar

Photo: Andreas Rosar

Eva B. came to the Robert Bosch Hospital with suspected smoke inhalation. She reports: “I signed that I don’t want to stay there. Then I went home by bus. ”

She doesn’t know where her urn is now. Eva B .: “The cellar is sealed. Hopefully I’ll get it back. “


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