Fire drama: 10 people die in a fire on the Corona ward

Fire drama in North Macedonia. At least ten people died in a fire in a makeshift hospital for corona patients in Tetovo.

“A terrible accident occurred in Tetovo that cost many lives,” Health Minister Venko Filipce wrote on Twitter on Wednesday evening. The previously confirmed death toll could rise.

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“The fire has already been extinguished and all the hospital teams have been mobilized to provide assistance to the injured. They are urgently transported to Skopje so that they can be cared for there, ”Filipce continues.

It was unclear how many patients were in the hospital when the fire broke out in the city in the northwest of the country in the late afternoon, an unnamed, senior government official told Reuters.

The emergency services took around 45 minutes to extinguish the fire. The corona station was built last year to relieve the fragile health system of the Balkan country.

Most recently, the number of corona infections in North Macedonia rose again. The number of daily deaths is currently around 30. In total, the country with its two million inhabitants has recorded more than 6100 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.


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