Fire disaster in the holiday paradise Sardinia – tourists on the run

Violent fires in the middle of the holiday paradise Sardinia!

There is a fire on the Italian island, around 1200 people had to leave their homes in the province of Oristano in the west on Sunday, reports the broadcaster Rai News. Scared tourists are on the run from the coastal town of Porto Alabe.

“It is an unprecedented disaster,” said the island’s governor, Christian Solinas (44). Around 20,000 hectares have already gone up in flames.

A fire engine tries to put out the flames on the islandPhoto: Getty Images

The civil protection agency said the danger was still “extreme”. The Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio (35) asked for help from other European countries on the Facebook online service. Two planes from France and two from Greece have already arrived to help with the fire fighting.

According to the fire brigade, around 7,500 rescue workers were deployed to help with the evacuations, among other things. According to Rai News, among other things, a care facility had to be evacuated.


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