Fire department Zoff in Waldmünchen: Extinguishing, mountains, squabbling | Regional

Waldmünchen – Dangerous dispute at the Ulrichsgrün volunteer fire department (district of Waldmünchen).

Rescue, extinguish, rescue – the slogan of the volunteer fire brigades. At the FFW Ulrichsgrün it could be delete, rescue, quarrel!

For two years there has been anger among the 26 volunteers. Zoff also with the missions. Not everyone is allowed to ride (BILD reported).

Fire Brigade Association boss Dieter H. (40) feels like a victim of an intrigue: “Just because I want to check the cash books.”

In 2018, as the new board member, Hoffmann discovered discrepancies. For example: The purchase of a chainsaw for almost 1000 euros. The treasurer and the commanding officer bought the saw without the approval of the entire board. “It makes perfect sense. But I would like more transparency in the club, ”says Hoffmann.

The case went to the Regensburg public prosecutor. With an additional payment of 150 euros to the tax office, the procedure is legally concluded.

Not for Hoffmann. He is now excluded by the chief of operations during fire service operations. Hoffmann: “Fortunately, there has only been one mission since August. Removal of an oil trail. “

Vice-boss Martin Bierl wants his boss to be voted out of office: “We showed him the books three times. But he wants to take her home with him. That will not do.”

Now the dispute is even preoccupying the courts. Hoffmann is suing the Cham district court for the release of the cash books. The loser pays the bill. In case of doubt it will be your own comrades.

The Ulrichsgrüner can only hope that in the event of the next fire there will be no quarrel about extinguishing …


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