Fire department: Charlie was stuck in the pipe for hours in sub-zero temperatures

Suhl (Thuringia) – Twelve fire department angels for Charlie! Heartbreaking cat whining was heard on Friday morning in the freezing temperatures in the Suhl district of Wichtshausen from a 30 cm drainpipe on the Berg street.

The owners had already missed the animal on Thursday evening, but the search stopped after several hours and then finally heard it moaning on Friday morning – trapped in a 30 cm narrow drainpipe. But neither Charlie himself nor the owners could free himself from this.

The fire brigade comrades first freed the manhole from ice and snow

Photo: Suhl fire department

So the fire department had to help out! The came with a total of comrades.

“They found the pipe quickly. But how do you get hold of the needy ball of fur? Eventually the fire brigade found an old, forgotten manhole. This first had to be dug up from snow and earth, ”said a spokesman for the city.

A fire brigade comrade then climbed into the gully and was able to free Charlie after a fire brigade mission that lasted 45 minutes!

Teaser picture

The rescue of the cat Charlie took place via a manhole

Photo: Suhl fire brigade


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