Fire brigade frees naked man from cavity in toilet: He was stuck for days!

Naked madness in a US theater!

Syracuse (New York, USA) – A 39-year-old man was rescued on Friday from a cavity wall of a theater in Syracuse, where he had been trapped for days – stark naked.

He had apparently got into the supply shafts and could no longer free himself from them …

Cries for help from the men’s room

According to the Syracuse Fire Department, theater workers called 911 around 7:30 a.m. Friday morning after hearing someone bang the walls of a men’s room and yell for help.

The firefighters drilled a hole in a wall of the theater and used a camera to determine the exact position of the man. They then tore down several layers of drywall before they could free the 39-year-old.

Mike Intaglietta, the theater’s general manager, told that staff saw the man wandering around the theater earlier in the week before losing sight of him. It was believed that he had left the building.

The fire brigade freed the man with the help of a sledgehammerPhoto:

“I don’t know if he went in to keep warm or to go to the bathroom. I don’t know, ”said the manager.

The assistant chief of the Syracuse fire department said the man somehow managed to get into the theater’s supply ducts. There he hid for two days – and then he fell into a cavity and jammed.

Accordingly, the man had no visible injuries when he was rescued, but was dehydrated after several days without water.

The man was treated and taken to Upstate University Hospital. No criminal proceedings were initiated against him. Why he crawled around in the shafts of the theater is also unclear.


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