Fire brigade accident on B5: Heights rescuers land on guardrails!

Hamburg – The fire brigade itself needed help!

During an emergency drive, the rescue workers had an accident on the B5, landed their vehicle only a few weeks old on a construction site guardrail – presumably a total loss!

The height rescuers were alerted at 9:08 p.m. to the Bergedorf Castle Park. There was supposed to be a man hanging in a tree there. It was initially unclear whether he was still alive.

The height rescuers drove off with flashing lights and siren. It happened on the B5 between Billstedt and Mümmelmannsberg. For an as yet unexplained cause, the 10 ton emergency vehicle ran into a 30 centimeter high steel guardrail in a construction site area.

The fire engine drove more than 100 meters on it. The front of the fire engine was badly damaged, the underbody and the oil pan tore open. The guardrail eventually toppled on its side. The fire truck came to a stop. The five height rescuers were shocked but uninjured.

Firefighters sprinkle the oil on the roadwayPhoto: Thomas Knoop

The B5 in the direction of Bergedorf was completely blocked by the police. To begin the rescue, the fire brigade cut through the guardrail with XXL hydraulic scissors. Then a mega tow truck took care of the transport of the fire engine to a workshop.

The guardrail for the rescue of the fire truck is cut through with XXL hydraulic scissors

The guardrail for the rescue of the fire truck is cut through with XXL hydraulic scissorsPhoto: Thomas Knoop


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